“What’s cool about John Deere,” you may ask? We found out the answer is “quite a bit.” Not only does this Fortune 100 slice of Americana rank higher than the likes of American Express, Sprint and Time Warner, the company also integrates fascinating technology worthy of a blockbuster sci-fi film into their vehicles. So when Deere unveiled its new product line to their valued dealers, they went cinematic, and Leviathan was there to help set the stage.
Working with event partner SOS, Leviathan was tasked with designing 45 minutes of 3D mapped content, which was projected live onto a 200-foot wide multi-dimensional set. Revolving between being an ambient background and the show’s central star, these animated sequences showcased key brand messaging, core features of over 28 new products, and some spectacular stage transformations that attendees aptly described as “very cool.”
Client: John Deere
Agency: See Our Solutions
Executive Producer: Curt Reed
Media Producer: Jamie Henley
Production Company: Leviathan
Creative Director: Bradon Webb
Producer: Ellen Schopler
Editor: Mike LaHood
Co-Editor: Billy Sheahan
2D Design: Gareth Fewel, Ely Beyer, Anthony Malagutti, Kyle Shoup, Josh Van Praag, Hung Le, Mike 
2D Animation: Gareth Fewel, Ely Beyer, Katrina Nelken, Anthony Malagutti, Josh Van Praag, Kyle Shoup, 
Steven Greenwalt, Chris Beers, Carter Blackwood
3D Design & Animation: Anthony Malagutti
3D Lighting, Texture, & Composite: Anthony Malagutti, Siddhant Satoskar
Stage Design: Bradon Webb & Anthony Malagutti
Executive Creative Director: Jason White
Executive Producer: Chad Hutson
Chief Scientist: Matt Daly
Sound Designer/Engineer: Joel Corelitz, Waveplant 
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